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​What to look out for when leasing a photocopier

It might be difficult to find the correct photocopier for your company. On today’s market, there are hundreds of copiers to choose from, each with its own selling point.

When it comes down to it, most people want the same thing: a high-quality, long-lasting machine that does not need to be maintained. Leases for printers and copiers are a popular choice among forward-thinking corporations because they allow them to acquire the best model on the market at a low up front price.

The ease of use and flexibility of a photocopier rental are well appreciated by most businesses, especially as the demands of a rapidly expanding firm might change frequently. Leases can range from 12 months to more than three years before allowing you to opt for an alternative model or extend your lease with the same machine.

What should you look for before signing a printer or copier lease? Here are some questions to ask.

The total amount payable

When it comes to renting a photocopier, the last thing you want is to be taken advantage of. However, if you don’t read the small print in your photocopier rental carefully, this might happen.

If your lease’s total cost is more than the purchase price of a new copier, you should not sign it. Work out the total cost to be paid by you over the full duration of the lease, especially if you’re considering a used photocopier rental.

Always read the small print and double-check that your contract matches what you’re paying for and what you’ve been told. When your printer or copier arrives at your office, check to make sure you received the correct model and all agreed extras.

The cost of copy volume

The cost of a printer and copy lease is often calculated on the number of copies required rather than the entire length of time the machine will be used. The amount of copies produced by an office is usually classified as low, medium, or high volume depending on how many copies per week on average it produces.

If the leasing firm’s estimate of an office’s copy volume is incorrect, problems may occur. If you believe your use will vary significantly or not reach that limit, don’t agree to pay for a set number of copies over the length of the contract.

Most office equipment suppliers will work with you, not against you, in this area by allowing you to upgrade your rental or volume as your needs change and develop.

However, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a flexible lease and continuing assistance until the end of your rental agreement.

Why rent from us?

At the end of the day, leasing a printer or photocopier shouldn’t be complicated. We keep our agreements and communications simple and straightforward. We make sure you understand how often you’ll be making payments and for how long, as well as what will happen if you decide to switch models or terminate the contract before signing anything.

We are a long-standing, reliable and professional provider of industrial printing services that believes in putting the needs of our clients first. You may feel confident that any printer or copier you choose from us will be well cared for with routine maintenance checks and refills.

Final Words

Once you are certain about the features you want and don’t want, making the right purchase will be a lot easier. Our basic Ricoh photocopiers cost £995 + VAT. A slightly advanced one about £1,295 + VAT and a fully automatic, high speed, and high volume one between £1,995 – £2,995 This is a rough estimate and actual prices may differ depending on stock. Please give us a call on 0208 808 3103 or email us and we’ll do our best to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.