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Topserve for Education

We provide machines to schools on a free loan basis, where you only pay for the copies you do. We’d love to provide you a list of references from other schools currently using this solution.

Topserve Education Solution – No rent, no lease, no capital outlay and no contractual tie in.

How does it work?

We provide the machines for free and you only pay for the copies you do. So, during the long holiday periods where you’re not using the machine, you’re not paying a single penny!

What does the cost per copy charge include?

This service plan includes: all Ricoh machines, toners (and delivery), labour, parts, servicing, callouts (both routine and emergency), Operator training and Topserve Print Management Software. Initial IT setup only. Mono copies start from just £0.0039 + VAT.

What does it not include?

Staples for your external finisher. These are charged at £68 + VAT per cartridge.

What’s the minimum term? And is there a minimum usage policy?There is no minimum term and no minimum usage policy. Just a 90 notice period if you want to leave (we doubt you will though). We’re so confident in our products performance and service that we don’t need to tie you up to a 5 year contract like other dealers. Our motto is to take all the complexities away and make the cost of using a multifunction copier easy to understand. Just ask all the other schools we supply! Call us on 0208 808 3103.

For many teachers, the school photocopier is one of the most important pieces of equipment. It’s annoying breaks down but what’s even worse is the lack of communication of getting it fixed! Why do I have to speak to an operator and wait in a que? Why can’t I speak to the same person I reported the problem to? Why has the machine not been fixed for a week now? (Does this sound familiar?)

Topserve Fleet Management (TFM) software will play a heavy part in having good service. It allows us to track the machines health so if an error occurs, it will alert us so we are more informed of what the problem is and can bring the necessary tools and parts. This significantly reduces the copier being out of action for long periods of time because no one has bothered to call to report the problem.

Furthermore, we can track the toner levels of every machine you have with us. It even sends an alert, which can be set up so you can receive an email to say that particular machine is low on yellow toner for example. A proactive approach rather than a reactive one.

We can also take meter readings from the machine. No more bothering the office staff to manually print, scan and email us. Furthermore, you’ll receive greater consistency in your billing (instead of getting large unexpected bills which no one likes!).

So, why go with Topserve?

  1. We’re school specialists – We understand the contraining budgets schools have. As a business that has been around for 27 years, our stability and longevity means we can operate at a lower cost base and pass this saving onto our local schools.
  2. Less headache – We understand school business managers have an extremely tough job as it is trying to balance the books. Topserve has designed a pricing model which takes all the complexities out having a photocopier provider. By simply paying for the copies you use, you won’t be paying for something that you don’t use during long holiday periods. No leasing companies involved, no small print, no heavy credit controllers. Pay for your mono and colour, simple.
  3. Flexibility – With Topserve, we don’t sign you up to a minimum term eg 3 or 5 years. We’re so confident in our service, quality and communication that we don’t have to. ‘No lease, no rent, no capital outlay’, and we really mean it! 
  4. Service, communication, and transparency – Being a small, family run and multigenerational business, you’re only a phone call or email away from a Director. You won’t have to go through a operator, press numbers and then wait in a que. Your call will be answered within 9 seconds. In fact, with TFM software, we’ll be aware if there are any issues before you even know them!
  5. Local – less waiting time. Our engineers are never too far away from you.
  • What’s next? – give us a call on 0208 808 3103 or leave your details on the contact form below and we’ll get in touch and organise a time that suits you. We can discuss how we can streamline your printing costs and also provide references from many schools in London who you can speak to and ask about our service!


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