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The Ultimate Guide to Photocopier Repair: Service & Maintenance

Repairing photocopiers is an art that most businesses will need at some point in time. This article covers all the details of photocopier repair, from troubleshooting, repairing printer copiers and buying photocopier machines for your office or home. Before you buy a new photocopier machine, read this article to see if it’s worth trying to fix the broken one!

We offer a one-off photocopier service

This article discusses copier printer repair and how it can be done with ease without hiring professionals; you might even be able to replace broken parts yourself after reading this post. Are you looking into buying or servicing photocopy machines? Find out what’s involved when trying to fix up an office photocopier quickly with these helpful tips. If time isn’t on your side, there are some other options available too – read on below…

If you have any questions about copier printer servicing & repairs, feel free to contact us today on 0208 808 3103 or email sales@topserve-copiers.co.uk

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Didn’t realise how much I was spending on printing till we called Topserve. We were using a home printer but it was too slow and we were constantly buying ink. They did a cost comparison for us and showed that our home printer was costing us around 5p per page for a black print when Topserve’s machines would cost less than a penny. So an 80% saving in addition to getting a much faster machine was a no brainer.

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When your photocopier breaks down, it can be a real headache. Not only do you have to take the time out of your busy schedule to get it fixed, but you might also have to pay expensive fees for the privilege. That’s why we offer both photocopier repairs and photocopier maintenance – so that you can keep your machine running smoothly without any costly downtime.

Photocopier repairs, service and consumables

Topserve are an independent photocopier company dedicated to servicing photocopy machines in London. We are always available for photocopier repairs, photocopier service and printer consumables

MPS only 0.005p Mono and 5p Colour per click

MPS stands for managed print service. This is where the business who supplied the photocopier takes care of all photocopier maintenance service and will also provide ink. So if there is a fault on any of the photocopiers and it requires service parts too, our professional engineers will attend your business premises to repair your photocopiers. This gives the business owner time back to do what they do best, and the photocopier supplier will manage all the headaches that go with owning photocopiers!

Your local printer & photocopier repair team across the UK

How would it work?

If you’re in need of photocopy machine repairs, our engineers can provide one-off photocopier servicing or we can provide a photocopier maintenance package. Take a look at our google reviews or search photocopier servicing near me and we’ll help you get your photocopier back up and running in no time.

Cost of London printer repairs

The first hour will be £75 + VAT. For every hour thereafter will be £45 + VAT. This does not include parts. Our support engineers will advise on which printer parts will be needed if the photocopier cannot be repaired.

Photocopier Repairs – Topserve Business Systems LTD

Photocopier Repair

To serve Business Systems Limited is based in Tottenham, North London and covers London and various surrounding areas including Bedford, Luton, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe, Stevenage, Milton Keynes, Leicester and many others. We welcome you to contact us about any issues you have with your photocopier.

Photocopier maintenance

Photocopier Repair

Most copiers we supply will come with maintenance services. Printer repairs can be quite costly depending on the age of the machine, you may not be able to get spare parts.

We offer a range of photocopier maintenance contracts

Flat billing method

This is a monthly fee that is billed regardless of the number of photocopiers or services used.

Cost per copy

This is a photocopier service that is billed based on the number of copies made.

Both billing methods include photocopier service, preventative maintenance, parts, toner, labour.

We offer the best photocopier maintenance service

Our first time fix rate is above 95%. This means when attending to the photocopiers, our team will successfully repair the machine the first time.

The reason for the high success rate is that our engineers carry maintenance kits with them, which means if there are parts which the photocopier requires, we can fix the machine the same day.