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Photocopier leasing London - Rent a photocopier at good price

We supply and service Multifunctional Ricoh printers to London and surrounding areas.
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Photocopier leasing London

Leasing a photocopier might seem like an unwise decision, but it can actually be very beneficial. Whether you are looking for a printer or photocopier, leasing is the way to go in many cases. As a company, we sell and lease printers and photocopiers. If you need advice on what equipment to choose and how to finance it – contact our customer service.

Below you will find information on why you should consider renting equipment instead of buying it.


Ricoh Desktop printers – Purchase
from £845 + VAT

Compact unit with a small footprint. Ideal for busy offices and workgroups that need advanced print, copy and scan functions. Output speed is a brisk 30 – 40 prints a minute. Additional features can be added. Email us at sales@topserve-copiers.co.uk to find out.

Ricoh Freestanding 30/35 – Purchase from £995 + VAT or Rent from £49 + VAT Per Month

A3 & A4 capable. Simplify even the most complex printing, copying, scanning, and distribution tasks. With robust security features, impressive finishing capabilities. 30 – 35 pages a minute print speed. Call us on 0208 808 3103 to find out which specific features you require.

Ricoh Freestanding 45/55/60 Purchase from £1,250 + VAT or Rent from £49 + VAT Per Month

Our highest spec A3 A4 colour machine with speeds upto 60 pages a minute. Document finisher available with hole-punch, stapling and and booklet folding. The usual functions always include copy, print, scan, double-sided printing (duplex), USB and SD card. Fax options are available. Call 0208 808 3103 to find out more.

Ricoh Freestanding Mono 75

For very busy offices and schools where speed is a necessity. 75 page per minute print speed with usual finishing options. Call 0208 808 3103 or email sales@topserve-copiers.co.uk for a price.

Here are 3 reasons why you should lease your next photocopier:

1. Cost savings 

Printer leasing is typically more affordable than buying outright, which means that when it comes time to upgrade your office equipment again down the line, you’ll have more money in the bank thanks to lower monthly payments.
In the short term, a photocopier rental in London is the cheaper option , especially if you need a printer for less than six months.
This is because leasing usually results in lower monthly payments and the photocopier rental costs also include maintenance and repairs, whereas when buying it doesn’t.

2.Technology Upgrades

Take advantage of the latest technological advances at a reasonable cost.The Printer and copier market is constantly changing, so leasing ensures that you can keep up with these changes. When you lease a photocopier from us we will offer free training and support should problems arise as well as first call out for any issues.

Leasing allows businesses to take advantage of the latest technology without breaking the bank or buying something they don’t need right now. If your business has been using printers for years then it might not make sense to upgrade every few months just because there’s a newer model available on the market – unless you’re sure that those advances are going to benefit your company! As Topserve we will always work closely with our clients throughout their agreement so we can help determine whether an upgrade is needed.

3. Flexibility 

You don’t have to worry about what will happen if your machine breaks down and needs maintenance; with lease agreements, Ricoh provides on-site service in case of technical problems.

As part of our services, you can rent Ricoh printers and copiers. It does not matter whether you need a multifunctional printer, wireless network printers or laser printers – we will always help to select the right equipment for your company. Our customers appreciate that they can rent Ricoh products because of their high-quality performance and excellent efficiency.

By using our services, you can count on a quick delivery of equipment. Our photocopiers are always in good condition and they will be thoroughly checked before delivery. You can also take advantage of our service packages with maintenance included, so you don’t have to worry about anything! Our Ricoh devices are eco-friendly choices for business owners who care about the environment. Finally, it’s important that your business decisions aren’t hindered by high costs – we offer photocopier leasing services at affordable prices without compromising on quality or performance!

Summary: The key benefits of leasing photocopiers and printers include the following:

  • no need to invest in costly equipment;
  • a quick delivery of new equipment on request;
  • periodic maintenance service is included (if necessary);
  • flexible contract terms and conditions – monthly or long term rentals are available; we also offer deals for small businesses where everything is included. This helps them keep their costs under control. When it comes to office printing devices such as multifunctional printers , wireless network printers or laser printers – they will always be glad to help with choosing the right equipment for your company . Our customers appreciate that

How to choose the right equipment?

The first step to be taken in the process of choosing a photocopier is to determine what your needs are.
It’s also important to identify which tasks you want a copier or printer for.

  • Are you going to make copies from paper or electronic files?
  • Will it need a feeder?
  • What about capacity and speed?

These questions should all be answered before anything else. There are various properties available when selecting photocopiers, such as: mono-functional, multifunctional; document editing capabilities; document feeders; sorters required etc.. The main thing that will affect price is whether your machine can print on both sides of the paper (duplexing). Once identified there exist different types of equipment available for purchase that will meet your requirements. So if you are looking for printers for rent in London – contact us.

If you are not sure which equipment to choose – contact our customer service.


Topserve has been supplying multi-function Ricoh machines for over 27 years.

We take all the complexities away and make the cost of using a multifunction printer/copier easy to understand. No third party leasing companies involved. Just 1 company who provides the machine and maintains it for a fair price. Not sure what you need? Call us on 0208 808 3103 and we’ll suggest a machine that’s the right fit for you.

Servicing, maintenance and free installation.

Low cost servicing and maintenance contracts so you’re never offline. All toner, labour, parts and servicing are included as part of the service agreement, with mono copies starting from just £0.0059 + VAT. We will install, connect to your server and demonstrate your printer FREE of charge. Call us on 0208 808 3103 to find out how it works.

Reduce your printing costs

Topserve will provide you with a FREE audit and a solution which will make your printing more time and cost effective. Call us on 0208 808 3103 or email sales@topserve-copiers.co.uk to find out more.

Topserve software

With our unique software, we can track the health of the machine and toner levels. This means if an error code arises, we’ll get sent a notification of the exact problem and can organise an engineer. When toner level drops to 10%, it will notify us too and we can then organise a next day delivery of toner. Call us for a demo 0208 808 3103.

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