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Photocopier rental and purchasing

Our Ricoh copier printers scanners can be purchased or rented. Our prices are transparent and are on our home page. Whether you want a photocopier rental or purchase, it’s completely up to you. We’ll always advise on the most cost effective solution.

The benefits of purchasing a Ricoh copier:

It’s much more cost effective over the years. Our entry level photocopier machine is £995 + VAT. Sometimes you can even split the cost of the copier over 3 monthly installments but it’s worth giving us a call first to find out. Our number is 0208 808 3103. 

Part exchange on a new Ricoh photocopier. After a few years, you may want to upgrade. At Topserve, we can offer you a part exchange on your copier which will bring down the cost of your new machine. People typically tend to upgrade every 3 – 6 years.

The benefits of renting a Ricoh copier:

In the short term, a photocopier rental is the cheaper option. You’re a new business and you don’t want to outlay too much money in the beginning. 

You have a specific requirement where you only need it for a few weeks/months. Renting is best for you. 

Easily upgradable. Should you no longer like the model you currently have, it’s quick and simple to swap this for an upgraded model. You’ll just need to make sure you haven’t agreed to a fixed time period in your previous agreement. Either way, at Topserve if you do decide to rent and have a requirement for an additional machine, just get in touch and we can build a new package for you. 

No 3rd party leasing companies. If you decide to rent, you’ll only have to deal with Topservse and not a 3rd party leasing company or bank. You’ll rent the machine from Topserve and we’ll provide you with the machine + a maintenance plan.