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Photocopier maintenance and servicing

Ricoh photocopier copiers aren’t ‘off the shelf’ type of machines. You can’t just walk into a retailer and buy one like you would a small desktop printer. The reason for this is they are light commercial printers and require maintenance and servicing. 

However, the good news is that the cost of running this type of machine is significantly cheaper than a desktop HP printer. These typically tend to have a life of 1-3 years, whereas a copier can last up to 15 years if properly maintained.

Almost all of our machines at Topserve are under a maintenance plan as it is hassle free. If you don’t have a service plan, it will be very expensive and time consuming to keep calling a maintenance provider to service the photocopier. The majority of Ricoh parts will on average cost you around £300 – £700 plus the labour cost to fix the machine. 

Maintenance plans will vary in price and structure but the level of service will still be the same. At Topserve, all maintenance plans will all include toner (ink), servicing & maintenance, parts and labour.

So you’re looking at which photocopier provider to go for. What should I look for to compare?

  • Does the contract include parts, labour, servicing and maintenance?
  • Will I have to pay for shipping for toner (ink)?
  • Is it a fixed fee per month or is it cost per copy basis (pay for what I use)?
  • If it’s a fixed fee, how many copies am I allowed per month?
  • How much will I pay per copy for the additional copies made outside my allowance?

Traditional service arrangements with photocopiers

Firstly you have the machine. You can either purchase this or rent it.

After your photocopier rental / purchase, you have the maintenance agreement. This is traditionally done on a cost per copy basis. For example, you use 3,500 black and white copies in a month and 250 colour copies. Your service agreement states you’ll pay £0.005 + VAT (half a penny) per black and white copy and £0.05 + VAT per colour copy. Your monthly maintenance bill for your Ricoh copier will be as follows: 

3,500 x £0.005 = £17.50 + VAT 
250 x £0.05 = £12.50 + VAT

Total = £30 + VAT

Packaged maintenance deals

If you know exactly how much you print, you may be better off going for a package deal which Topserve can provide you with a larger allowance for a fixed fee per month or per quarter.

Example 1

Customer: Solicitor with high black and white usage. ​

Maintenance package deal: £150 + VAT per month which includes unlimited black and white printing. Colour usage charged at £0.05 + VAT 

The high street solicitor pays a fixed fee of £150 + VAT per month which allows them to print unlimited black and white copies. Topserve will provide the toner and any servicing, parts and maintenance required. If they do any colour copies, they pay £0.05 + VAT per copy. They chose this package as their colour usage is minimal

Example 2

Customer: Estate Agent

Maintenance package deal: £49 + VAT per month which includes 5,000 black and white and 1000 colour print allowance. 

This estate agent is allowed to print up to 5,000 black & white prints and 1,000 colour prints. Any prints made outside of this allowance is billed at half a penny for black and white copies and 5p for colour copies.

How long is a photocopier maintenance contract?

Depends on your provider. It can be anywhere from 1 month to 5 years depending on the machine and the requirement. 

Give Topserve a call on 0208 808 3103 or email sales@topserve-copiers.co.uk and we’ll put your mind at ease. We can build you a quote almost instantaneously