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How Much Does a Ricoh Photocopier Cost?

Nowadays, photocopiers have become an essential part of human life. They are revolutionary machines with countless benefits. The primary job of a photocopier is to make copies of documents in a quick and affordable manner. They are mainly used in banks, schools, offices, and more. Currently, a range of photocopiers is available with each offering distinct features. While each brand has a set fan base, Ricoh photocopiers are one of the most famous around. They are reliable, efficient, and affordable. Moreover, they offer functionality that very few photocopiers do. So if you want to purchase a photocopier, then Ricoh could be an ideal choice. Wondering how much does a Ricoh photocopier cost? Read the information below for a clear understanding.

What Defines the Cost of a Ricoh Photocopier?

 Ricoh photocopiers vary in cost due to their varying sizes and functionalities. The way you buy a photocopier also determines the price. For example, copiers that are leased/rented cost more than the ones bought outright as interest is applied into the agreement.

The type of work you want the copier to perform will also determine its cost. Typically, copiers that are advanced and high tech are costlier than basic ones. For example, stapling and booklet folding etc

What Considerations to Make When Buying a Photocopier?

These are the top considerations to make when buying a Ricoh photocopier:

Color or B & W?

This is more to do with the running cost rather than in regards to the actual equipment. The equipment costs between a colour A3 Ricoh copier and a black & white copier are pretty much the same .

What speed do you need?

Do you need a high-speed printer? Then it will weigh more on your pocket. Typically, high-speed copiers are fully automatic and can produce 100 or more prints per minute. Give us a call if you need help deciding which is a good fit. We’ll always provide you mith multiple options to save money.

What size documents do you typically handle?

A regular Ricoh copier can handle up to A4 papers. The majority of our machines have A3 and A4 capabilities. An A4 only machine will be cheaper, although will typically be more expensive to run and will have slower speeds.

Uni functional or multifunctional?

A single functional copier can only copy documents while a multifunctional one can copy, print, scan, or even fax docs. The price of the copier will depend on its functionality.

Do you want to edit documents?

Copiers that can edit documents before printing are high in demand, and also, high in price.

Do you need a document feeder?

Copiers with document feeders are typically used to handle large volumes of work. However, if you are processing small volumes, then a printer without a feeder will do as well. The good news is that at Topserve all of our copiers have document feeders so this won’t impact the price.

Is a sorter required?

Photocopiers with sorters are ideal to handle documents of multiple pages as they automatically sort and collect documents without mixing them up. This is stuff like stapling, booklet folding etc.

Do you want duplex printing?

This is an environmentally friendly feature which automatically prints on both sides of the paper. All of our copiers have this function as standard so won’t cost you any more.

Final Words

Once you are certain about the features you want and don’t want, making the right purchase will be a lot easier. Our basic Ricoh photocopiers cost £995 + VAT. A slightly advanced one about £1,295 + VAT and a fully automatic, high speed, and high volume one between £1,995 – £2,995 This is a rough estimate and actual prices may differ depending on stock. Please give us a call on 0208 808 3103 or email us and we’ll do our best to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.