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Best office photocopier - Buy, Rent or Lease

The office copier has gone through many transitions throughout its history. Initially, it only needed to cater to monochrome printing of a single sheet of paper from the glass. As technology has progressed outside of the copier industry, copier brands have had to keep up with these demands and innovate new and advanced print features.

For example, wireless printing from mobile devices and google cloud print. Each need is different so as a business owner is no point in paying for something you’re never going to use like managed print services software, so let me take you through the list of features and you’ll begin to develop and sense of which office machine is the right fit for your small business.

Office copier list criteria -the things you haven't thought about

Duplex printing

This is a fancy term for double sided printing. If you’re a small business to save money on paper and ink supplies, duplex printing is a great way to not only reduce your spending but will also save the environment too. A win win all round and the good news is most machines will come with this function as standard.

You’ll have to take into account the print speed of your office equipment as double sided printing will add to the time it takes to collect your documents. We’ll be talking more about print speeds further on in the post.

Maximum paper capacity

I know this may sound odd but the standard paper capacity of your digital copier is important if you’re printing large bundles of documents. You’ll need a large paper capacity otherwise you’ll have to keep running up to the multifunction copier to load more paper.

Opening and closing the paper trays constantly will also put added strain on your multifunction copiers and publications such as printing world will highlight these issues in more detail.


Then deciding on multifunction printers, its important to find a machine with high yield ink cartridges, also know as a toner cartridge. The ink cost divided by the yield will give you your cost per print. Traditional operating costs with commercial copiers will include ink and maintenance, whereas small office copiers you’ll have to buy your own ink.

Replacement ink cartridges

There are two types, compatible and original. It’s very easy to go on amazon or ebay and search your printer and buy the cheapest inkjet cartridges. You may think that its just practical business sense to buy the cheapest ink, however in the long run your repair and maintenance costs will start to add up pretty fast.

Compatible toner will tend to be significantly cheaper than original but there is a trade off. The compatibles will reduce ink costs but will also reduce your print quality and image quality as there is a lack of patented compounds inside the toner cartridge which would usually clean and lubricate the machine, as well as print your documents.

So although the initial cost is higher, in the long small businesses will have a more dependable machine, consistently high image quality and copier manufactures may even give you extended warranty for using original consumables.

Automatic document feeder

This relates to scanning documents. The best office copiers all have ADFs. When you go up to the machine, you can place a thick bundle of documents into the feeder and it will scan or copy the whole thing.

If you’re looking to buy a machine with an auto doc feeder, it’s a good idea to look at how many pages you can put in the feeder. The machines you can buy with an ADF from high street stores like currys or argos will have a paper capacity of around 20 pages. This means you can only place a maximum of 20 pages in the feeder before you have to place more documents again. If its less than 20 pages this is fine.

Copier manufacturers like Ricoh, Canon and Xerox will all have durable Auto Doc Feeders which are designed to deal with a heavy workflow and will scan in both colour and black and white. The quality of your scan will depend on the print resolution of the document you feed into the machine so keep that in mind.

Give Topserve a call on 0208 808 3103 and we can guide you through the best option, whether you’re working from home or looking to upgrade your current machines.


When deciding on which copier is right for you, its important to take into account how much office space you have as well! Office equipment suppliers will take into account not just its size but the weight of the machine.

If its a small a4 only mobile device, they may not even charge for delivery. A general rule of thumb is the higher pages per minute print/scan speed, the more likely the the cost of delivery will be as it’ll require 2 -4 people to install.


Your supplier should do the initial IT installation and for any laptops not onsite during installation, they can remote in at a later date to set these up. At Topserve we can do this for free.

If you have your own IT support, they will be the ones to remote in and do the install. At Topserve, we work with many IT support companies and can guide them through the setup if necessary free of charge.

Print Speed

A small business with an average monthly duty cycle of more than 1 box of paper will need a multifunction device with a fast printing speed.

For example, if you’re a solicitor and you need a 80 page agreement printed before court, prohibitively slow machines will hinder your small business. The best copier brands will have print speeds which start from 40 pages per minute. In this example, this means it’ll take 2 mins for your court bundle to print.

You’ll also check the memory capacity of the machine as desktop machines will have a smaller memory to store the document before it is printed so it may not be able to cope with bigger scanning loads.

Monthly cost

Of course, a deciding factor on the best photocopier you choose will depend features which is specific to the nature of your business and your printing habits. For example, if you are a care recruitment agency and print many sheets of the care certificate, you may want to create a nice booklet to hand out to your staff.

A booklet and staple finisher will add to the cost although its worth emailing sales@topserve-copiers.co.uk for a quote as we may be able to accommodate your needs depending on stock.

Security features

Securing information on digital copiers is not just for a large or medium sized business. Small businesses also need enhanced security features so hackers can’t obtain information from the photocopier.

The latest Ricoh business copiers come HTTPS (256-bit SSL) which is the same security used in internet banking or purchasing goods online from a merchant such as Amazon.

Nowadays, most office copiers are connected through wi fi which obviously gives hackers the opportunity to target your data whereas previously, your office photocopier would have had a usb connection. Visit our website www.topserve-copiers.co.uk for more information or call Topserve on 0208 808 3103.

The latest news

The post 2020 upheaval in the copier market means customers having to wait longer for their machines, especially suppliers who are serving niche businesses with wide format printers.

Be aware as suppliers may entice you to sign leasing agreements early with false hopes of you receiving your goods within weeks. We’re getting feedback from manufacturers stating that depending on the model of multifunction copier, you could potentially be waiting up to 5 months.

This is across the board from Sharp mx ranges to Canon to Ricoh as well. A Sharp mx for example is suffering with issues due to a semiconductor factory fire in China which meant the majority of electrical items are taking longer than usual to manufacture.