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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Ricoh Printers

Ricoh Printers

Ricoh is one of the world’s largest copier and imaging equipment manufacturers. They are a Japanese company that was founded in 1942,  have offices globally and produce many different types of printers, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines and other office equipments.

Ricoh has been known for producing high-quality products at an affordable price point. If you’re looking to buy a new printer or photocopier then Ricoh might be your brand of choice!

Why Ricoh?

Ricoh is a well-known brand for copiers and printers. They make a wide variety of machines for both home and office use. Ricoh is known for making quality machines at an affordable price point.

Ricoh has been around since 1942, and they have offices all over the world. They produce many different types of printers for both home and office.

Ricoh Prestige Partner

This is a partner program that Ricoh offers to resellers. Resellers will have incentives to purchase equipment from Ricoh at a greater discount the more copiers they sell/lease. This means you’ll find that resellers are cheaper than going to the manufacturer direct.

Featured products

Ricoh MPC Multifunction printers (also known as an all in one printer) are Ricoh’s most popular machine.

What size copier do I need?They take up less room than other copiers, and they allow you to print, scan and fax. Ricoh makes these as both black-and-white printers as well as colour ones too.

The Ricoh MPC range is copiers like MPC6004 MPC5503 MPC4504. The first two numbers after the MPC are correlated to the speed of the Machine.

So for example, a Ricoh MPC6004 will be a 60-page per minute print speed. (This most likely describes the mono printing whereas ppm colour may be slightly slower).

PPM colour printing will always be slower, especially if you are trying to print large solid images. This is because the printer has to mix the colours together and heat up, which slows down the colour all in one multifunction printer.

We attached a link from our YouTube channel of a Ricoh MPC6003 colour all in one printer which is also a 60 ppm colour photocopier

This multifunction printer supports mobile working via Airprint or print management software which will sit on the intuitive control panel.

These are also known as a smart panel copier. This software is designed to reduce spend on colour printing and boost security and streamline business processes in large to medium sized offices.

It allows for compact working environments as you need only one printer or two between multiple groups of employees. Once you press the print button on your computer, the job won’t fly out the all in one printer. It will be held on the machine until you go up to it, tap your ID card or punch in your 4 digit code. It will then show all your print jobs (that’s if you have printed more than one document). You simply select the job you want and press release.

This feature on an all in one printer is great in high usage environments. It saves bits of paper flying around the office and someone going around asking ‘is this yours?’.Depending on your print and copy requirements, we can make sure that the printer efficiently meets your requirements.

A Ricoh MPC6004 high productivity printer will go above and beyond and your business may be mistaken for an in house print bureau! So if you are a new office manager and want to impress your manager, a high end smart mfp like a Ricoh MPC6004 would cover all angles.

All MPC6004 photocopiers will be equipped with an upgraded single pass document feeder, which can scan at 130 ppm colour and black and white and 70 ppm A3 paper size. Automatic reverse document feeder is the basic scanner that comes as standard on all Ricoh intelligent devices. For general business users, a regular auto reverse document feeder is more than sufficient. A Ricoh MPC4504 has a productive all round performance, and would be perfect for everyday printing.

Toner Cartridge

Copier printing requires toner. If you have an all in one printer that does colour printing, you will typically require 4 toners. Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

Ricoh UK

At Topserve, we provide a range of all compact multi-functional printer copiers. Give us a call on 0208 808 3103 or email sales@topserve-copiers.co.uk

What does Ricoh do?

As mentioned previously, Ricoh is a traditional manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of black and white and color multifunction printer copier scanners.

What’s happening at Ricoh? The future…

Ricoh hit the headlines in 2020 during the pandemic with news that they would be moving away from print. You can read more about it in Bloomberg’s article here:


To summarise, the article describes Ricoh moving towards a digital focussed company. What that means for their customers who are not quite digital yet and need everyday document processes and need a compact multifunction printer is yet to be seen.

It seems as though the media has hyped this story and what Ricoh was trying to signal to investors is that they were looking at technologies that supplement their most valued business asset, which is print.

Streamlining document processes through software that sits on Ricoh’s intuitive smart operation panel seems to be a tactile move for Ricoh as it is also in line with the world’s view to save environmental resources.

Flexible work environments are also something employees are prioritizing as hybrid work is now becoming the norm. All-in-one printer copier scanners need to have broad functionality as well as reliable performance in the modern age of working.